What is Key?

Key is an educational application that empowers refugee students via skills-based learning. Key delivers content through curated video playlists on select topics based on jobs needed in desired asylum countries.


is an island off the coast of Greece and Turkey that has been hit hard by the refugee crisis. For the 20,000+ refugees living in Moria, Europe's largest camp, students go years on end without access to consistent education and half of these refugees are under the age of 18. Due to the lack of educational and economic opportunities for refugee youth living in Moria, this group is referred to as “The Lost Generation.”

Help us educate the world's most eager learners!

30,000 refugees currently lack access to education in Lesvos. 3.7 million refugees lack access to education worldwide. Help us bridge the gap between digital education platforms and the world’s most eager learners – refugees.

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